Much of the country has been covered in snow and freezing temperatures these last few days, but people in Texas are hurting more than most. Many Texans have lost power for days, and are doing their best to seek food, shelter, and warmth. Buzzfeed collected a bunch of photos from Texans stuck in the cold, which shows off frozen toilets, icicles dripping from ceiling fans, and even a frozen fish tank.

So while a lot of Texans (with one notable exception) have been dealing with the cold and suffering, they could use all the help they can get. CNN has compiled a list of charities and nonprofit organizations that you can make a donation to if you have the means and ability to do it.

That includes organizations like the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Urban League in Austin, a local small business called Free Lunch, The Other Ones Foundation, organizations in Dallas that are pooling funds together to find temporary shelter and rapid COVID tests, Lucille's 1913 Community Kitchen in Houston, Caritas of Austin, and Austin Pets Alive.

I think about how absolutely freezing cold it was in Missoula just a few days ago, how the wind chill brought our temperatures - which were already below zero - even lower. Imagine how bad it would be to be dealing with those temperatures, or worse, in the situation that Texas is in now. So if you're able, please make a donation. Not everybody in Texas has the ability to jet to Cancun, after all.

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