People are losing their minds! Have you taken a trip to the store in search of toilet paper in Missoula in the last five days? If so, you know that every place is sold out. It's an awkward sight to see the shelves so bare. I think I went to six places over the weekend and found absolutely nothing. And this week hasn't brought any better luck.

Photo: Ryan Nelson

My wife has a friend whose husband works at one of the area retailers. So my wife tried to get the inside connection to score a few rolls. But in these trying times it appears friendships will get you nowhere in the quest for the hottest product in town.

Well, there was no luck in trying to snag some toilet paper. But my wife did get this text message from her friend and it had me shaking my head.

Photo: Ryan Nelson

Eight minutes? EIGHT MINUTES!

The toilet paper craze is definitely sweeping Missoula. The lack of stock even has people on social media asking for help.....pleading for the heads up if anybody has caught a glimpse of the elusive product.

Here's to hoping you have a few rolls on standby and that the craze dies down so we can return to our regular, non ridiculous, paper purchasing ways of the past.