For kids of the 80s, the name Herbie Hancock brings instant thoughts of a uniquely weird robotic instrumental music video for a song called 'Rockit.' You can hear the synth in your head. But Herbie Hancock is no one hit wonder of the 80s, he's actually a very accomplished jazz pianist, keyboardist, bandleader, and composer, and he'll be playing the KettleHouse Amphitheater on Monday, September 20th.

Herbie Hancock is a true icon of modern music. Throughout his explorations, he has transcended limitations and genres while maintaining his unmistakable voice. With an illustrious career spanning five decades and 14 Grammy® Awards, including Album of the Year for River: The Joni Letters, he continues to amaze audiences across the globe. There are few artists in the music industry who have had more influence on acoustic and electronic jazz and R&B than Herbie Hancock.

Tickets are $40 for general admission, $47.50 for reserved seating, and $55 for reserved seated pit and on sale now online and by calling (800) 514-3849. You never know what Missoula's (Bonner's) weather will be like on any given day of any season, but you'll likely have to bundle up for this one. We saw Incubus out at the amphitheater in September of 2019 and it was cooooollld. We were bundled up and dancing so we didn't suffer much, but some unprepared fans in shorts were hurting.

Jazz may not be your thing but your folks may enjoy it and I'm sure they would cherish some time with you at a post pandemic show. In case you missed it, another show we announced this week is Atmosphere with Cypress Hill, now that's one I'm definitely excited for!

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