I was at Costco about a month ago and noticed they were tearing down the old Summit Beverage building that was right next door. If you missed it - the fine folks at Summit Beverage recently moved into an awesome new building. As I watched the cranes bring the building to the ground I casually wondered what was going to replace it as Costco's neighbor. Well, as it turns out, there will be no new neighbor. It looks like Costco is undergoing a bit of an expansion and a remodel.

Photo: TSM

I was running into Costco last night and started chatting with the guy that was rounding up carts. I asked what the construction crews were doing next door and what was happening with the property. He filled me in about the area being converted into extra Costco parking. That's good news for a couple of reasons. First, parking can be pretty rough on a busy day. If you don't luck out and see someone pulling out from a decent spot - you're in for a bit of a trek from the far side of the building. And second, the additional parking setup will include a second entrance to Costco, right off Broadway. That's going to be a huge help - no more of the one way in and one way out madness!

Extra parking isn't the only construction project happening at the store. My cart-wrangling friend was full of details about how the store is being extended 22 feet to the east, and the entrance to Costco will be moved to what is currently the area where carts are loaded into the store.

Photo: TSM

They've made some serious progress on things already and I can't wait to see what things look like when the project is completed.

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