The Hamilton Public Works Department is continuing replacement of an old water mainline on South Third Street. Excavation started this week and will continue moving north from where the crew stopped last fall. The line will eventually tie into the water main at State Street. Occasional water service shut-offs to homes along the route will happen as the repair work moves along the street. Mayor Dominic Farrenkopf said work started early this year to minimize disruption of the popular Hamilton Farmers Market, which starts up in May, using a portion of South Third where the new waterline will go.

Another infrastructure project - the new sewer line along Daly Avenue from Daly School to Marcus Street - has been postponed until this fall. A major remodel project at Daly Elementary will increase the student population, and a new line hooking up the Hamilton sewer system has been planned this spring. Time constraints and high groundwater concerns have delayed the underground work.

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