For a second day, Wednesday, October 14, Hamilton High School is not having in-person classes. COVID-19 positive cases continue to be the cause of shutting the doors. It does not affect the other district buildings - Daly, Washington, the Middle School and the Daly Administration Center will remain open.

Here's the official word from Hamilton School District 3:
​This message is to advise you that due to the high number of close contacts related to the most recently reported positive COVID-19 cases, Hamilton School District has determined that it is in the best interest of its community for Hamilton High School to remain closed tomorrow, October 14th.
Staff and students who were determined to be close contacts of this week’s confirmed positive COVID-19 cases have been contacted individually. Due to privacy constraints, the District is unable to provide additional information regarding the positive COVID-19 cases.
Hamilton High School students should check with each of their teachers via Google classroom for assignments throughout the day tomorrow.
This closure affects only Hamilton High School.
All other District buildings, including Hamilton Middle School, Daly Elementary, and Washington Primary remain open and students and staff should report to school.

The Hamilton School Board is having their regular meeting Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Daly Den of the Daly Elementary School. The high school issue will be part of the discussion. The public can participate online at the school's Facebook Live stream. Addition of more substitute teachers is also on the agenda.

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