Prepare yourselves, as this will either be one of your favorite or one of the most horrific things you’ve ever seen. We’ve warned you… now, here’s Good Charlotte performing “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” with Dr. Phil.

You’re still here? Wow, curiosity seems to have gotten the best of you. We understand, and whether you're looking for laughs or some deep cringe, this new Late Late Show With James Corden segment will deliver. Corden plays the role of a musical guru looking to turn Good Charlotte into… ahem… Great Charlotte.

“I’m here to rock this bitch,” Dr. Phil says after entering Corden’s mentorship session with the pop-punk band. “This is just so exciting, I’m like a pig in the mud. I can not thank James enough,” the TV shrink adds.

Once it was performance time, Dr. Phil showed up in full Good Charlotte attire circa 2002. He couldn’t quite do the Benji Madden liberty spikes, but Dr. Phil dawned the eye makeup, studded vest and even a fake tattoo sleeve to fit the part. As expected, the song went horribly wrong and Dr. Phil failed to sing in key or in time with the song.

Neither James Corden or Good Charlotte were thrilled with the results, but Oprah’s favorite advice peddler was much more optimistic about his future in music. If you dare, check out the Good Charlotte / Dr. Phil collaboration above.

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