It is starting to feel more like spring, but Glacier National Park still has over a foot of snow to deal with. According to Public Information Officer Lauren Alley, the park just began sending out plows in preparation for the upcoming summer.

“When we talk about plowing a lot of people envision the big plows that go up and down the highway and we actually have blowers and bulldozers and all sorts of things we send up our roads to clear all that snow off,” said Alley. “The plows are going to start up on the west side going to the sun road this coming week and we will update you as they progress up the divide.”

Alley says even though the cleanup process has begun, it will still be some time before the park is ready for visitors.

“It is a really big task to get all that snow removed,” Alley said. “In fact, sometimes after we do remove some of it we get another avalanche slide across the road and they have to go back in a remove that as well. It is sort of a natural process that happens every year as all that snow comes off those mountains.”

According to Alley, the park usually opens up somewhere between the middle of June and middle of July.

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