With Father's Day coming up, it is crunch time for getting that special gift ordered. When you think about what to get Dad for Father's Day, think about what makes him happy. It is the little things that can make the day special for Dad. Things like a grilled steak, or a simple fishing trip. Or, even something as simple as drinking a cold beer in the shower.

JUST IN TIME FOR FATHER'S DAY, we have discovered the "Shower Beer Gift Set" from Duke Cannon Supply Co.

According to dukecannon.com

Duke Cannon believes in efficiency, and nothing is more efficient that enjoying a cold beer in a hot shower. That’s why we’ve partnered with Stanley to deliver the essential tools for a successful shower beer experience. The Stanley 16 oz. pint keeps your adult beverage cold, while Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Beer Soap helps you get clean and smelling real nice (like sandalwood, not like beer.) Give yourself or someone you like the gift of time with the Shower Beer Gift Set. 


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