If you are due for an absolutely outrageous incredible weekend with your friends, Butte, America is great for that any time, but especially during St. Patrick's Day. The holiday lands on a Thursday this year, so maybe you go over and make a weekend of the festivities.

You've likely seen BAMF stickers on cars, laptops, and snowboards over the years. The acronym is assumed to mean Bad Ass MF, which works, but it actually stands for Butte AMerica Foundation. The organization is the social justice nonprofit in Butte, and they are the ones who put on the very impressive parade each St. Paddy's Day.

Butte is known for its proud Irish population so you can imagine how incredible their parade is. I'm sure you've heard the lore. The 2022 parade will kick off at noon on March 17th in uptown Butte, starting at the corner of Arizona and Granite. The route continues west on Granite to Montana, then south on Montana to Park street. Whether you're in the parade or just experiencing it from the crowd, you'll never forget it. If you'd like to go all out this year and participate in the parade, the deadline is March 5th and the entry fee is $40, or $30 for non-profits.

In other great news out of Butte, the Montana Folk Festival is a go this year! The event is one of the largest FREE outdoor festivals in the northwest with around 200 (usually more) musicians, dancers, artists, and crafters. It's a whole lot of live music, food vendors, and dancing for visitors of all ages. The 2022 festival will be held on the weekend of July 8th through 10th in uptown Butte.

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