Earlier this year, Bush singer Gavin Rossdale was reported to be filming a new cooking show called E.A.T., wherein he plays host and chef to a celebrity guest who dines with him. Now, it seems viewers are getting closer to actually seeing the thing.

Speaking with Q102-1 this week, the grunge veteran revealed that he was in the final stages of making a deal to air the program. He said the show's "been a couple of years in the making, and I hope to be there soon."

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this page. Here's Rossdale full remark:

I'm in the middle of doing a deal to finalize that. That is this interview show where I cook for one person and just chat to them, have a dinner with them and we shoot it. And I shot a couple of episodes as teasers with a couple of people. I mean, it's been years in the making — it's not easy, I guess, to make TV — so it's been a couple of years in the making, and I hope to be there soon.

It's just an interview show, and food is a great social lubricant. You sit there, eating and drinking and having a laugh and shooting the breeze, and great stuff comes up. So it's really about doing a show with famous people but yet getting different sides of them — not work stuff and not about a record they have or a book they've written. It's more about them — finding out about people. 'Cause I'm intrigued about creative people and how closely I resemble them or don't resemble them, what their process is, how they began, what was inspiring to them, what hurt them or hindered them or who helped them — all those kind of things. Because the more you listen to people, the more interesting they become. (via Blabbermouth)

In February, Deadline reported the musician would "invite celebrities to his home in the Hollywood Hills where he will design, prepare and serve them a three course meal." Some of Rossdale's guests were said to be singer Tom Jones and comedian Jack McBrayer.

The project isn't just a whim for Rossdale. As early as 2010, IMDB reported that the Bush rocker was in talks with Food Network to host his own show. And Rossdale once made a series of cooking videos for PeopleTV. (Take a tour of his kitchen in the video below, and let him teach you how to make vegan bolognese.)

Roundtable Entertainment is producing Rossdale's new show. "Roundtable are the exact partners I’ve been looking for to produce this project," the Bush singer said. "They understand my vision and will help execute a compelling series in which we get to see behind the public persona of people we know and admire for their work. This show is about connecting more deeply with them, hearing their stories, walking in their shoes."

Rossdale added, "It's hard to be surprised anymore, but the simplest surprises are the human revelations that occur over food and drink."

Gavin Rossdale on Q102-1 – Sept. 7, 2022

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