Western Montana has so many hidden gems when it comes to little shops with unique gifts and fun treasures. I think we all end up at the mall and big department stores at some point during our holiday shopping, but little, locally owned places is where we have the most fun shopping. Here are a few to keep in mind this December.

Butterfly Herbs - I love this place as it's a perfect representation of the Missoula vibe. Many Missoulians stop in for coffee beans and the awesome little café, but there are some affordable gifts here too. Vegan soaps & lotions, jewelry handmade by local artists, tea pots, cards, spices, and just so many cool little things to browse.

The Sweat Shop - They are known for their kick ass spin classes, but they also have this great little boutique in the lobby. If you've got a workout enthusiast on your list, stop in to check out super cute workout wear, fun gifts, and tops featuring sassy messages. It's open to the public, you don't have to be a gym member.

Bitterroot Flower Shop - One of those places you could lose an hour in. Pretty cards, candles, and little gifts. And if you're a Christmas enthusiast like I am, they have a beautiful selection of Christmas décor. And where else can you buy a bag of flower petal confetti?

Mood Boutique - From basics to novelty pieces, they've got trendy styles that you really can't find anywhere else in Missoula. Tops, dresses, purses, scarves, jackets, they've pretty much got something for every "mood."

Upcycled and Jeanette Rankin Peace Center - Love popping into both of these places any time I'm downtown, their inventory is always changing. Everything in Upcycled is made out of recycled materials. And for the activist or peace lover in your life, there is no better place for gifts than the Peace Center.

Import Market - You've got 3 floors of weirdness here. They've got beautiful rugs, futons, furniture, and that fancy Fiesta ware, like dishes & kitchen accents. But they also have fun cards, ponchos, trinkets, unique containers, novelty signs and posters, flags, and so much more.

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