These fall cancelations are taking a toll on our excitement for Halloween and the autumn season, for sure. So far we have learned that the Missoula Maze on Clements and the Haunted House at the Fairgrounds are permanently done. Even The Hub is closed forever and the kids' play area at the Southgate Mall has disappeared. Very sad.

Now we have received the official word that the annual Fall Harvest Festival and Apple Day scheduled for Sunday, September 26th at the Fort is not happening this year. When my teenager was little, I remember the grade school classes taking the annual trip to Fort Missoula to make apple cider and how the kids all looked forward to the tradition. We're going to have to find a different activity this year as the Historical Museum has shared the following:

"After carefully considering the current Covid-19 situation in Missoula County, seeking guidance from the Health Department, and speaking with our staff and volunteers at the Historical Museum, we have come to the decision that it is not possible for our Harvest Festival Event to take place this fall.  The efforts it would take to mitigate the current Covid-19 spike and keep the site safe were beyond the capacity of our staff and volunteers."

COVID-19 strikes again. Although the Festival has been canceled, the Historical Museum is still open Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 5 weekly. The leaves will be falling soon and the kids love to play in those piles, at least we know that won't be canceled.

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