We finally rode the Hiawatha Trail and found it to be as awesome as everyone says! We had a blast, if you've never been, this is the trail on the border of Montana and Idaho. You can start in Idaho if you're a badass and want to ride up and then back down, but I think most people start in Montana and ride down and take the shuttle back. And by shuttle, I mean crazy 80's school bus that also carries your bikes.

Anyway, while we were there, I learned that they are introducing Moonlight Night Rides this year. There are 3 chances left to participate: July 16th, August 15th and September 14th. You do have to reserve a spot and the cost is $32 per person for the ride and shuttle, there's also a $60 option which includes a t-shirt, water bottle and snacks. If you need to rent bikes there, they are available along with lights and helmets.

Full Moon Night Rides will meet at the East Portal at 8 pm - Rides start at 8:30 pm and will go out in small groups of approximately 10 each lead by an experienced trail guide.
$32 Ride & Shuttle from bottom of trail (Pearson) Back to top of Trail (Roland) where the group will ride back through the long Taft Tunnel again to their waiting vehicles after a most unique ride.

The minimum age for night rides is 13 years old, estimated ride time is 2 1/2 to 3 hours and you'll get back to your car around 11:30/midnight. Space is limited so you must make reservations by calling 208.744.1234 x19, ask for Lisa, she knows what's up.

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