Talk about a sigh of relief. A local Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, who also happens to be a mom, is offering telehealth for local children, free of charge, whether you have insurance or not. C-PNP Tara Patrick of Blue Moose Pediatrics just wants to do her part to take some pressure off her fellow medical professionals who are busy dealing with COVID-19, while helping Missoula families.

Tara has been, and remains self-isolated at home with her children. During Montana's stay-at-home orders, Tara wants to give back to the community by offering the opportunity to talk with a health care professional without having to leave home and visit her clinic. If you have a grumpy baby, kids with runny noses, rash, headaches, or any concerns about your children's health during this time, simply make an appointment to video chat with Tara at the Blue Moose website. As mentioned, Tara's a mom, and she understands how being cooped up can be affecting the kiddos!

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