To anyone who works for a living, this comes as no surprise as a new study just done by Oxford University reveals that three-day weekends make employees happier and more productive. The study results went on to tell that working fewer days make people work harder and procrastinate less. But what I think is the most important fact is that customer satisfaction also increases with shorter work weeks.

The reason I think the customer satisfaction part is so important is because so many businesses believe 'the customer is always right'. If you believe in that method it's all about customer satisfaction, and if shorter work weeks accomplishes that goal, then let the three-day work weeks begin. But I have a hunch that most business owner and decision makers still won't think these findings are enough to shut down the office each week for a three-day weekend.

A researcher went on to talk more about how a four day work week makes people more productive.

When you are more positive about your job and your life while on the job, it relates to being able to be more productive. I would argue the four day working week is spot on in terms of finding or striking that right balance between improving the work-life balance and unlocking the happiness potential from that in terms of productivity gains. This outweighs the net reduction in productivity from working a day less.

Again, I don't think this information is going to help you convince your boss to switch to a four day work week but if it does please let me know where I should send in my resume.

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