There is not much better than a fresh delicious deli sandwich. I'm talking about the kind where the meat and cheese were just cut and the toppings only enhance the other flavors of the sandwich. The always trust worthy Food Network just announced their pick as the best deli in each state, and for the state of Montana the winner is right here in Missoula!

As picked by the Food Network the best Deli in Montana is Tagliare Delicatessen located on Higgins Avenue in Missoula. While you might not find a generic $5 sandwich, anything you order will be amazing. Open most days from 10am-7pm but remember with it being so popular don't be shocked if you have a short line upon arrival.

One of the big reasons why Tagliare is so dang good is because of their delicious bread choice. They use the incredible Le Petit Outre's award winning breads as the base to the mouth-watering sandwiches. So, if you're planning some outdoor activites coming up as the weather improves make sure to grab some sandwiches from the best deli in Montana as you start your adventure.

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