The children are our future. That's one of the key takeaways from Dave Grohl's recent Play documentary, which features his epic multi-instrumental jam as well as turns the spotlight on the dedication young music students take in attempting to master their instrument. Grohl has likely inspired many musicians, but there's one kid who's already getting a jump on the competition.

In one of Grohl's recent tweets about his Play video, there was a video response from Jon Drew who shared his infant son Charlie drumming along to Grohl's "Play" instrumental. "He is 17 months old and our little dude Charlie would rather rock out to this incredible song than be watching In the Night Garden or Paw Patrol," said Drew. Watch as the toddler does his best to keep up with Grohl's playing in the video below.

After word got back to Grohl, he was quick to praise the child, offering, "Nice work, Charlie!! Go get 'em."

It should be noted that in the initial tweet that Drew responded to, Grohl offered, "To any musician, young or old, a beautiful studio full of instruments is like a playground." It looks like young Charlie has taken that to heart.

Watch Grohl's "Play" video in full below, and see if you get inspired to play along.

Dave Grohl, "Play"

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