A few weeks back, an online challenge went viral to post your own senior picture on social media from whenever you graduated, and the idea was to show your support for the high school kids who likely weren't going to have a graduation ceremony this year because of COVID-19. It was a fun idea, and it was cool seeing some of those pictures, but I couldn't help but think... isn't this kind of rubbing it in their faces a little bit?

So when I saw this story, I thought, "Yes, this is a cool way to honor the class of 2020." A teacher at Florence-Carlton High School got the junior class to sponsor senior portrait banners, which they hung up all along the Highway 93 walking trail. All 47 seniors in their graduating class got a personalized banner. Keri Briney, the teacher who organized it, felt it was a way to make them feel special since prom, spring sports, and other high school events have been canceled.

This is an awesome idea and I hope more schools around Montana can do something similar. If you've been on Highway 93, have you seen the banners?

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