Flashback Friday: 'member that one time when the KettleHouse Amphitheater was brand new and Ween came to town!? That' was awwweeeesssssoooooommmmmeeeee.

The show was in July of 2017, and we didn't purposely plan it out, but we just happened to be floating by as Ween were sound checking, and it made me appreciate where I live more than ever. Earlier today, I was remembering this video that I caught on my tube, while sobbing about the fact that we will not be seeing Vampire Weekend coming up on the 12th. That was THE show I was looking forward to the most this summer. Hang in there, we WILL experience live music at the KettleHouse again someday, and we will appreciate the hell out of it.

Just another amazing advantage to having a new, beautiful amphitheater on the Blackfoot river. We were floating yesterday, Sunday, July 16th, and tubed by the Kettlehouse Amphitheater just in time to hear part of Ween's soundcheck.

When you hear a band that has sold out a 4,000 capacity venue while floating the river...just Missoula stuff. Check out the show from inside the venue.

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