Recovering from an adult tonsillectomy is so much worse than I ever imagined. Some hours I feel like I never would have gone through with it had I known that recovery is constant pain like salt in an open scrape with every swallow and inhale. It sucks full on rotten balls.

I had the surgery last Wednesday afternoon, making today day number 7 of recovery. The first two days, I still had anesthesia in me and numbing meds or whatever, so it really wasn't too bad. The severe nausea from the pain meds was worse than anything at that point, I'm really, really bad with anything more than Tylenol or Ibuprofen, that was my bad for even thinking I could take pain meds. After everything wore off, the continual stabbing in the ears and burned flesh/open throat wounds feeling was at 100% and never stops.

I realize that I could be going through a lot worse. When I lay in front of the humidifier trying not to cry because I know it will only make it worse, I think of all the suffering that other humans have been through. Prisoners of war, abused children, people who have been shot or stabbed and lived, and I know this is nothing compared to that. But sonofabitch does it hurt. I do my very best to use my mind to control the pain, but a positive attitude only lasts so long. I finally snapped an cried this morning like a little bitch, I think it actually helped.

This can't last forever and I will likely recover and begin to feel better in the next week. Definite positives are no more strep throat and painful ears all of the time, and I've likely lost my Quarantine 15 due to lack of solid foods. Starting today I'm just focusing on work to take my mind off it, and looking forward to moving into our new rental next week.

So if you've been considering removing your tonsils as an adult, this is the 10 to 14 days you can expect. Oh, also, apparently the reason the surgery is so much worse for adults is because we've had a billion sore throats that have built up scar tissue and scraping all of that out is brutal on the body. Attempts at talking still hurts a ton, I will likely be back on the air on July 7th. Massive thank you to Shawn for giving up fun in the sun to do my afternoon show on The Blaze, it's great to hear him back on!

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