I have only had the title of "Dad" for a couple years now. So far, Father's Day has been pretty cool. My only requirement for Father's Day, is that we do something outside and it has got to be "Guy Stuff."

The Five Valley's Archery Club has got the best of both categories. Camping and 80 3-D archery targets to shoot. The 39th annual BEAR SHOOT is happening Father's Day weekend at Clearwater Junction, June 16th and 17th. It is a two day archery event, with 40 targets both Saturday and Sunday. What better way to do "Dad stuff" with the kids, then a little outdoor adventure?

Registration starts at 7am Saturday (6/17) or pre-register Friday night.

Adults (both days) $30

Youth (both days) $25

Cubs (both days) FREE

There will be an additional fee of $3 per shooter for use of FWP property.

Concessions will be provided by Pard's Tummy Teasers

Tons of Giveaways and Raffles