After so much bad news about Halloween activities this year and last, it's exciting to find that the legendary Field of Screams is about to open for the season. I went to their Facebook page today and fully expected to see a message saying "see you next year." Instead, there was a contest for a free ticket and an announcement that they are celebrating 22 scream-inducing years in the Bitterroot.

Field of Screams is a haunted corn maze with attractions appropriate for your little kids and for adults looking for a genuine scare. You can find it just 30 minutes south of Missoula, 4 1/2 miles south of Victor, at mile marker 55 on Highway 93. They most certainly are Western Montana's premier haunted attraction that is fun by day and scary by night.

Younger kids can visit during daytime hours to enjoy a wagon ride, slides, and mini corn maze. They can also check out the farm and even stroll the big corn maze without fear of something jumping out at them as zombies don't come out in the daylight. Daytime pricing is $10 for all ages and is some wholesome fall family fun.

When the F.O.S. says their nighttime haunted attractions are not for the faint of heart, they're not messing around. They invite you to "go through fog- filled swamps, graveyards, clown-infested playgrounds and possibly get chased by an insane chainsaw man who has been haunting the fields every Halloween season." It's truly an experience you'll never forget, I went once, ONCE, and I'm good with that. The Haunted Ghost Town is back this year and is included in the price of admission, which is $20 for ages 8 and up. Things jump out at you, that's all I'll say. 

Field of Screams opens this Friday, October 1st, get hours, days, and more info here.

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