I am a big fan of old crime stories, especially local crime, so when I saw this blog from onlyinyourstate.com about 6 Famous Homicides in Montana that will never be forgotten I had to read it. Especially since one of the ladies I work with has the last name of Nance, like Wayne Nance, also known as the Missoula Mauler.

The names in the blog mentioned above are very familiar to people that grew up in Montana. Do these names sound familiar to you: John Bozeman, Wayne Nance, Miranda Fenner, Frank Little, Morris Davis, Father John Kerrigan (and Father Reynaldo Rivera)?

Whether you remember these stories or not, they will live on forever as some of the most unusual or horrifying homicides ever from the state of Montana. And if you weren't ready for Halloween coming up soon, you will be after reading some of these stories.


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