As the snow melts and the roads in the Bitterroot National Forest are uncovered, many of them are extremely soft, with a great deal of mud. Bitterroot Forest Supervisor July King, in a news release, said, "It's that time of year when some roads are closed for short periods of time due to spring break-up. The Forest can experience damage to roads when people are trying to get out early to explore or gather firewood when road conditions are at their worst. We will continue to monitor conditions and re-open closed roads as soon as conditions improve."

One of those roads is the Willow Creek Road #364, east of Corvallis. Tod McKay of the Bitterroot Forest said that several vehicles had been stuck recently due to the soft road conditions. The closure is from the forest boundary, two miles before the trailhead and continues to the end of the road.

McKay advises travelers to not proceed through muddy, soft areas, but to turn around and come back a week or two later. Outside shoulders of roads are also soft, due to recent snowmel, he said.

And, if you come upon a bad section of forest road, please notify the Bitterroot National Forest so they can check out the damage and possibly close the affected road.

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