We have people from all over the world, visit our corner of the planet, every year. Millions of tourists come to see the beauty that is the American west and the Rocky Mountains. And, every year we hear of "Tourons" not respecting nature and paying the price. It seems to be an annual occurrence. People think that wild animals are simply part of some elaborate zoo exhibit. The tourons that invade our state every year always seem to find themselves in some sort of trouble. Whether they are approaching an elk, bear, moose or even bison

According to the CDC

Since 1980, bison have injured more pedestrian visitors to Yellowstone National Park (Yellowstone) than any other animal (1). After the occurrence of 33 bison-related injuries during 1983–1985 (range = 10–13/year), the park implemented successful outreach campaigns (1) to reduce the average number of injuries to 0.8/year. All encounters resulted from failure to maintain the required distance of 75 ft (23 m) from bison.

Just this last summer, we witnessed footage of a man trying to pet an adult bison in Yellowstone. A classic example of a "Touron." But, even Russia has their own "Tourons." Russia is a country known for having a large bear population. And Russia has there own national parks where people flock to see these wild bears. Just like here is the good ol USA, they can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that the animals are not to be approached. See footage of a man trying to pet a bear, and instantly regretting it.

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