If you're looking for the best whiskey in the state of Montana you might need to plan a trip to Coram.  That's where you'll find Glacier Distilling Company and their 'Wheatfish' whiskey.

A recent article in Esquire named the best whiskeys in every state right now.  It was Wheatfish, from the small-town distillery that took the top spot for Montana.


Nicholas Lee is the owner and operator of Glacier Distillery and he says he was shocked to find out Esquire had honored his business.  “It’s humbling because there are a lot of good distilleries here, making a lot of good products and different whiskies so, it was was pretty cool that they found that Wheatfish was one worth mentioning”.

The next time I'm in Coram, I'll have to stop in for a sip.

Want to check out the other whiskeys that were honored in the Esquire article - one for every state?  You can read the story HERE!

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