An annual tradition in my childhood has followed me into the later years. I like to drive around and look at the area Christmas lights. Sometimes its a simple tree in the middle of a dark field. Other times, it's a vibrant scene of fun characters and bright lights. As an example of the latter, drive by Hamilton's Beehive Homes, just off the end of North 10tn Street. (Take your time, there's lots to see).

But the childhood memories merge with my adult visions when I look at the Moon. It has been rising fairly early and is a huge pale addition to our Bitterroot Valley nights. Full moon was couple of nights ago, but it is still spectacular when the clouds clear. And this is the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8's Christmas Eve broadcast to the world and that image from the Moon of the blue marble that is Earth. Look at the lights - both around us on the ground and up in the night sky. Merry Christmas!

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