We've got your chance to win a beautiful new kayak just in time for summer, and it involves you drinking beer, so, really, it's a win-win.

Plus, you'll be helping to 'Support The Wave', in this fundraiser for The Max Wave, so I guess it's really a triple win! Raffle tickets for the kayak are available now at The Rhino, with proceeds going to the Max Wave project. And you can get additional entries for the raffle every time you buy a Michelob Ultra at The Rhino.

The Max Wave isn't just another play Wave, it's a river enhancement project!

The proof is in these before & after shots of Brennen's Wave.

Photos courtesy of The Max Wave
Photos courtesy of The Max Wave

Join us on Thursday, June 1st for the first 'Downtown Tonight' of the season at Caras Park and at The Rhino from 8-10 p.m. when we will do the drawing to give away the kayak.

The Max Wave Project began with the idea of creating a new surf wave in honor of Max Lentz. Though a project with memorial at its roots, the Max Wave has numerous, wide-ranging benefits for Missoula as a whole. Not only will it offer a new recreational amenity to the Missoula community safer and cleaner access to the river, it has the potential to bolster the local economy by drawing in national kayaking competitions.

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