Scams have become more and more frequent in Missoula and the County Sheriff’s Department has received multiple reports of a new magazine scam in the area. Public Information Officer Brenda Bassett explains.

“They are saying they are with these various companies,” said Bassett. “They are selling magazines for service men and women overseas. They are getting donation money for materials to send overseas to our service men and women. It is not so infrequent that we have these types of scams come out when the weather gets warm.”

Bassett urges folks to be on the lookout at all times and to make sure their money is going to a reliable source.

“Please please do your homework,” Bassett said. “We hate to see any type of person give away their hard earned money for something that is actually a scam. I know you always think scams are over the phone or the internet, but they come in all forms even right to your doorstep.”

If anyone encounters these scammers, Bassett asks that they call 9-1-1 as soon as possible.

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