In case you didn't know, volleyball is a pretty big deal in Missoula and it's only getting bigger. With spring right around the corner, followed closely by summer, it's about that time to start planning your must-do summer activities.

My brother Sean and I have been playing volleyball for about 12+ years and are always looking for fun and competitive tournaments to play in. During the winter we obviously stick to indoor volleyball, playing in a decently competitive coed league at City Life. But during the summer, you'll most likely find both of us playing a pickup game on my brother's beach volleyball court, or hitting up a grass tournament.

One of the biggest grass volleyball tournaments in Missoula during the summer, is the Dig Missoula Volleyball Open. Here's what's goin' down for summer 2018:

WHAT: Dig Missoula Volleyball Open

WHEN: Saturday, July 14th, 2018

WHERE: Fort Missoula Regional Park

TIME: 9 am - 5 pm


  • Grass 4's
  • Men's & Women's
  • Open, Competitive, Rec & Juniors Divisions

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