It was such an honor to have award winning University of Montana journalism professor Denise Dowling stop by the Alt studio this morning.

Over the weekend, Denise won 3 regional and national awards for her amazing podcast 'Alex Not Amy: Growing Up Transgender In The Rural West.' It's a 30 minute radio documentary about a trans boy named Alex and his journey of transitioning in his small rural Rocky Mountain town.

Although Alex's story is uplifting, his family and social situation are, sadly, uncommon. Many of our friends who come out as a different gender than they were assigned at birth do not receive the same love and support that Alex did. I wanted to share Denise's documentary in hopes of raising awareness of our amazing Montana trans and LGBTQ+ community, and maybe help answer some questions that Western Montana families have about their own circumstances.

If you are a parent or young person with questions, or you are in search of support from others like yourself, The Center is such a fantastic resource, reach out to them.

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