Deftones will be releasing “Swerve City” beer in June, a follow up craft beer to their previous offering “Phantom Bride Ale” that was released last year. Additionally, their "Phantom Bride Ale" will now be sold in cans starting this summer.

“Phantom Bride Ale” is a signature India Pale Ale named after the Gore album track “Phantom Bride.” The IPA was the first collaboration between the band and the relatively young brewery, Belching Beaver, based out of San Diego. The “Swerve City” IPA was named after the 2012 Deftones song from the Koi No Yokan album about a mysterious woman who “breaks her horses with strange distant voices / that travel through the air.” Check out the look of the "Swerve City" bottle below.

Craft beer hasn't always been a part of the band's palette. “We came from pretty meager places, so it was like, ‘Whatever we can afford to drink,’” singer Chino Moreno told the LA Times “We didn't know any better.” Now that the band has a more discerning palate in the libations realm, they are taking that to the next level with their latest release of craft beer, which is a far cry from their early days of drinking Coors Light.

Metal bands are not new to the libations business, as many others have also dabbled in the market over the years. Acts from Iron Maiden to Megadeth, Anthrax and Killswitch Engage all have their own beers, while GWAR have their own vodka and AC/DC have branded their own tequila.

Moreno said he started contemplating a craft beer after trying Iron Maiden’s product and felt he could do better. “When I saw how mass produced [that band’s beer] was and how well it was doing, honestly, that’s what gave me the idea. It’s like, ‘Man, I’m actually really into beer. I can make a beer that smokes this beer,’” says the singer.  “We didn’t want to do something where we just slap our name on whatever. We wanted to actually be a part of it. My knowledge — not that it’s that vast — but what I do know about beer is I want to give my input on what I like and what I think people would enjoy.”

To learn more about Belching Beaver brewery and their brands, click here.

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