Big Brothers Big Sisters of Missoula needs your help today due to a critical budget shortfall and unexpected changes in funding.

As BBBS Missoula puts it, "We need your help today to keep our doors open and continue our legacy of defending the potential of our most important assets - our children."

Over the last two years the annual state, federal and private grants have been cut by $120,000. Big Brothers Big Sisters has done everything in their power to deal with the loss of one-third of their budget, including staff reductions. But they are still coming up short.

The goal is to raise one year's operating expenses within the next 30 days, so that they can fully develop and adapt a new funding model. Big Brothers Big Sisters Missoula has served Missoula children and their families for nearly 50 years by providing mentors who give these children a positive role model. These amazing mentors are a force for change to these children by being that extra someone in their corner, encouraging them and providing friendship and guidance.

If you are moved to help, we suggest you visit their website as soon as you possibly can and help this deserving organization get over a major rough spot.

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