This is such a heart breaking story that could happen to any of us, my heart goes out to the wife and family.

A 44-year-old guy named Jasen Smith and his wife Darcy went to a Dave Matthews Band concert on May 15th in St. Louis. Darcy had purchased a t-shirt at the merch booth but misplaced it, so Jasen left their seats to try and find it. When he did not return, Darcy tried his cell phone and a paramedic answered and told her their location.

When she reached her husband he was unconscious and bleeding from his ear, he passed away at a local hospital the next day. Doctors have confirmed that his injuries were from blunt force trauma to the back of the head, no one has come forward to say they saw anything or to say they encountered Jasen in the 7 minutes from the time he left his wife, until the time he was found unconscious.

St. Louis police are still investigating and asking for any information from those who were at the concert. The couple have 10-year-old twin sons and I cannot even imagine what that family is going through, such a tragic outcome from a day that should have been an amazing experience.

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