A recent survey showed Montana is one of Least Safe states during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a study where 1 is safest and 51 is least safe, the overall numbers put Montana at 48. (Connecticut was Number 1). In fact, the state leads the 50 states and District of Columbia in largest number of Hospitalizations Per Capita. That's right, Montana is 51st. Wallethub's ratings this week showed that, generally, Montana was also outpacing most other states in every major "least safe" category - Vaccinations, Positive Tests, Hospitalizations, Transmission Rate and Death Rate.

How Montana Fares in Other Categories

Based on data as of October 13, using the same ranking formula as in the Hospitalization figures, Montana is 44th in the Death Rate and 47th in the Positive Tests for COVID-19. The Vaccination Rate put Montana at 41st. On the other end of the scale, Alabama had better numbers, with the lowest Death Rate in the U.S. and it was near the top in 8th place as far as vaccinations. Montana's Vaccination Rate in the Wallethub study was 41st.

While the virus seems to have reached its peak in other areas, Montana's Positive Tests continue to be over a thousand a day. Thursday, October 14, the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) reported 1,300 new positive tests and 12,602 Active COVID cases. Missoula County, which has the highest vaccination rate for the state at 66 percent vaccinated, reported 124 new cases Thursday and 9,696 active cases in the county. Meanwhile, Ravalli County had 34 new infections with 427 active COVID cases Thursday, according to the DPHHS.

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How Will Transmission Rates Affect Halloween?

Of course, with a name like Wallethub, the website is looking at the economic picture. And that's encouraging for Halloween. Since most of the spooky activities and trick or treating is outdoors, the danger of transmission is less, according to many medical professionals. Wallethub expects a jump in revenue. Economic advances are also expected after next month's re-opening of the U.S. borders to vaccinated travelers. The Montana Congressmen welcomed the border reopening, expected early in November.

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