Sometimes I go out for Auntie Fun Days with my rad niece Silas and our latest date was yesterday. I always tell her we can do whatever she wants, so she picked the Mall and the park, she's got a little brother, so she loves alone time at the park. I was sure she was going to request Bonner, because every Missoula kid loves Bonner, but she took me out to the Fort Missoula park. We had been out there once before for an Easter gathering, back in the before times when you could gather, but I had completely forgotten about the park, especially since I haven't been out at Fort Missoula for softball.

So we get out there and it's super cool park. There's a zipline and all the great toys for children of all abilities, plus, a walking trail all the way around the park, and just a gorgeous view of the mountains. The Fort Missoula park does have one thing I've never seen before, and I was immediately jelly that parks didn't have them when my teenager was little, because he could swing for hours if you let him. It's a double swing for a parent and child, have you seen these? They're so fun, I was watching a Mom and her 2 year old having a blast facing each other in the swing, she probably thought I was a 100% weirdo stalker. So I thought I'd share in case you have little ones, it's all one piece and looks completely safe for little ones, see below.

Photo by Angel
Photo by Angel

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