Dan Savage's HUMP! annual film festival rides again on an international tour with a stop in Missoula.

Not familiar with Mr. Savage? Dan is an LGBTQ activist and co-creator of the It Gets Better project. In 2005, he had a wacky idea:

He asked people to send him homemade dirty movies, and surprisingly, they did. In droves. His mailbox was brimming with films so hot, so hilarious, and diverse that he felt compelled to share them with the world.


People who have seen HUMP! in the past agree:

Watching these amusing, thought provoking, artistic, sometimes touching, and often outrageous films together with a theater full of friends and strangers is an uniquely strange and wonderful experience.

The 2017 HUMP! Festival arrives at The Roxy on October 20th and 21st with two screenings each night. Each screening is the same program of 22 film shorts, and tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Shows are most definitely 18+, here's the link to get tix online.



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