Waters of the Clark Fork River continue to flood their banks today. Meteorologist Luke Robinson said even though levels have receded slightly, more water is coming.

“Around the Missoula area on the Clark Fork, the river levels are starting to lower a little bit,” said Robinson. “However, they are remaining in flood stage and we’ll continue to see low-lying areas around the Clark Fork west of Missoula continue to flood. Then, with some light rain that we’re expecting over the weekend and continued warm temperatures, we are expecting those levels to rise to where they were a couple of days ago.”

Robinson said other western Montana rivers are now approaching flood stage.

“Elsewhere, we continue to see some rivers running high, but they’re not flooding currently, except for up around the Seeley Lake area where we’re seeing continued flooding impacs up there,” he said. “The Bitterroot River is below flood stage right now, but we are forecasting for it to increase next week. It looks like it could be heading towards action stage by the start of next week.”

As of 3:00 a.m. the Clark Fork west of Missoula was at 10.3 feet, with flood stage at 10 feet.

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