It's the time of year for spooky stories, and we've got some tales that originate right here in Montana. 

Halloween is nearly upon us, and I am a huge fan of spooky stories. Montana has a deep history of creepy stories, from tall tales to urban legends, and we thought we would explore some of the ones we know. 

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The most famous urban legend has to be the Flathead Lake Monster. We wrote about this a few months ago, and I know quite a bit about it. I grew up on Flathead Lake, so this tale was constantly told to kids. Was it a mini Loch Ness Monster, or was this creature something completely different? Either way, it made you think twice about swimming at night by yourself. 

Despite being used to tall tales of the Flathead Lake Monster, there was one story that freaked me out growing up. That would be the Silver-Haired Lady. This spook story was centered around Highway 28, which stretches from Elmo to Plains, Montana. As the story goes, one night a woman went out for a nightly walk and was sideswiped by a car, and now her ghostly spirit roams that highway looking for a ride. 

Photo by Averardo Sanches via Unsplash
Photo by Averardo Sanches via Unsplash

If you stop for her, you won't crash, but if you drive by her and ignore her, you will wreck your car shortly after. Growing up near that highway there were a lot of crashes in the middle of the night, which only made the story more believable. 

Photo by Patrick Mueller via Unsplash
Photo by Patrick Mueller via Unsplash

One story that doesn't get enough credit is the Little Bighorn Battlefield, where Custer and his regiment were slaughtered in 1876. The legend goes that late at night, you can hear horses galloping, men screaming, and gunshots. The theory is that this event was so bloody that it left an impression that constantly replays under certain conditions. 

These are a few of the urban legends that Montana has heard over the past hundred years, and there are no signs of them slipping away any time soon. Do you believe them?

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