Courtney Love is back with her first new music since the Hole frontwoman issued a handful of solo songs in 2015. Entitled "Mother," the fresh tune appears on the soundtrack to the horror film The Turning that hits theaters next year. The album comes out Jan. 24, 2020.

Appearing alongside Love's song on the rock-centered The Turning soundtrack will be contributions from Soccer Mommy, Mitski, Cherry Glazerr, Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon, the Kills' Alison Mosshart and more. Listen to "Mother" and see the album's track listing toward the bottom of this post.

The Turning's story comes from the late 19th-century horror novella The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. The film's directed by Floria Sigismondi, who previously helmed 2010 rock biopic The Runaways and oversaw classic music videos by Marilyn Manson, Muse, Incubus and others. Lawrence and Yves Rothman produce The Turning soundtrack.

Love, who said she based her selection's sound on "Nineties rock," offered an accompanying statement to Rolling Stone. "I read The Turn of the Screw as a kid, so it's a genuine privilege to have had the opportunity to work with the genius that is Floria Sigismondi and Lawrence Rothman on this soundtrack," she explained. "Especially as I'm alongside so many other fantastic female artists I respect."

Love continued, "I've long admired [Sigismondi's] work, particularly The Runaways and the Marilyn Manson videos. Floria and Lawrence had a clear vision on what they wanted to achieve and it was an honor to be invited into their studio and to become a part of it."

Earlier this year, the musician claimed Hole were "definitely talking about" a possible band reunion. After the group's master recordings were reported to be involved in the 2008 Universal Studios fire, Hole dropped their lawsuit against the company once they received assurances their materials weren't affected.

Courtney Love, "Mother"

The Turning Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Track List

1. Courtney Love – "Mother"
2. Mitski – "Cop Car"
3. Soccer Mommy – "Feed"
4. Girl in Red – "Kate’s Not Here"
5. Lawrence Rothman feat. Pale Waves – "SkindeepSkyhighHeartwide"
6. Empress Of – "Call Me”
7. Vagabon – "The Wild”
8. The Aubreys – "Getting Better (Otherwise)"
9. Cherry Glazerr – "Womb"
10. Warpaint – "The Brakes"
11. Lawrence Rothman – "Crust (Neverreallyknewyou)" [Interlude Intro]
12. Lawrence Rothman and MUNA – "Judas Kiss"
13. Kali Uchis – "The Turn"
14. Alice Glass – "Sleep It Off"
15. Dani Miller – "Ouroboros"
16. Alison Mosshart – "I Don’t Know"
17. Living Things feat. Sunflower Bean – "Take No Prisoners"
18. Lawrence Rothman – "Crust" [Interlude Intro]
19. Kim Gordon – "Silver"

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