As Live Through This celebrated 25 years, Courtney Love hinted at a Hole reunion in an interview with the Guardian Saturday (May 25). The rocker said members of the iconic grunge act are "definitely talking about" getting back together. If so, it would be the first time the group have performed since 2012, when Love briefly reconvened with bassist Melissa Auf der Maur, drummer Patty Schemel and guitarist Eric Erlandson.

But as talk of a comeback took shape, Love seemed intent on restarting the band for reasons related to historicity. Indeed, the frontwoman tentatively indicated a Hole reunion may be required to protect the band's legacy.

"We are definitely talking about it," Love said. "There's nothing wrong with honoring your past; I've just kind of discovered that. If you don't, people will rewrite history and you will become an inconvenient woman."

Auf der Maur recently broached the Hole reunion subject herself. Last month, the musician said she had a positive meeting with Schemel and Erlandson about possibly picking back up with Love.

"We've all grown older, have become more gentle, and I have the feeling that now would be the right point in time to reactivate the band once again," the bassist explained before referencing the 2012 revival. "We did a few little gigs over the years but nothing substantial ... Hole was a great band, and it's important to remember them properly."

In the Guardian piece, Schemel vividly recalled the time surrounding Live Through This as Love was writing some of her most memorable songs amid the tragedy surrounding her widow Kurt Cobain's suicide in spring 1994.

"[I was] hearing her feelings around what was happening to them and what was happening in her life through the lyrics," the drummer remembered. "She didn't really talk about that at all … It would come out in a song."

Love previously nodded toward a Hole reunion in a 2016 photo.

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