When it comes to chowing down on delicious meats I like to keep it simple. I'm a straight-up beef, pork, and chicken guy. I just can't get into anything outside of that. I think it's a mental thing. I had a bison burger once at my sister's request and I made it through but it was a bit of a chore. Now, if you would have served me that same burger blindfolded and told me it was beef I probably wouldn't have thought twice while telling you it was amazing. As I said, I think it's all mental. But if you're a little more adventurous than me when it comes to your diet, you might be interested in a pretty cool recent addition to Costco's lineup of products.

If you've walked the aisles of Costco in the last few weeks you may have seen a new product that comes from right here in Montana. Roam Free Ranch, located in Camas Praire, is no stranger to having its offerings available on store shelves. According to a KPAX article, they have their jerky products available at over 400 locations. But just recently their Bison Chili started being sold at over thirty Costco locations in five western states including here in Montana.

It's a pretty awesome accomplishment for a ranch that just 10 years ago had nine bison on 240 acres. Hit the fast forward button and Roam Free Ranch has 3-thousand-acres with about 150 head of bison. Grab a pack of Roam Free Bison Chili on your next trip to Costco and sample a little local goodness. I might even try it myself.....if you have a blindfold handy.

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