RIP! Krispy Kreme seems to be the only doughnut shop that can actually last here in Missoula! I don't know about you but I can't resist those little suckers that literally melt in your mouth and fill your soul with sugary goodness!

Krispy Kreme has been known for creating new and fun flavors from time to time! For their recent project, they teamed up with  Ghirardelli chocolate to bring you two new flavors! The first is sea salt chocolate carmel (RIP) and the second is mint chocolate (double RIP)!!! I'll do you a solid and not disclose the calorie count... trust me you don't wanna know!

I drive by the Krispy Kreme shop that's right there off of Brooks every single day on my way to work and this new information does not bode well for my healthy eating for that hot summer body diet plan I've been on recently!

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