For me, my dogs are my family, I could never give up one of my dogs. I do understand that somethings are out of your control, but I do believe having a dog makes life better.

Unfortunately for poor Cocoa Puff she has been overlooked at the Flathead County Animal Shelter since early December. She is a senior Boxer mix, just waiting to find a family to love, and enjoy the rest of her days with.

Cocoa was turned in by her previous family because they said she was getting grumpy with the small children, so it would probably be best if she was with a mature family and no other pets.

She has recently lost over 20 pounds simply from a diet change and getting more exercise. This sweet girl still has a lot of life to live, and lots of kisses to give.

If you're interested in adding Cocoa Puff to your family contact the FCAS, open Tuesday through Friday Noon-6pm and Saturday 11-4pm.

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