Class Pass, the leading membership to the world’s largest fitness network, has chosen Missoula as their third office in North America.

Jenni Graff, economic development director with the Missoula Economic Partnership said they have been working to get ClassPass to choose Missoula for the past six months.

“Missoula will be their third North American office,” said Graff. “They currently have offices in San Francisco and New York, in addition to London and Sydney, Australia. Why Missoula? Well, they are in the quality of life and lifestyle business. They aggregate boutique gym memberships and provide a monthly membership model.”

Graff said ClassPass is a tech company seeking the kind of employees western Montana can offer.

“They’re looking for an educated workforce with high emotional intelligence for their customer service,” she said. “When you take that into account and look at our quality of life factors, Missoula really came out on top when all those factors are included.”

ClassPass will be hiring over 50 local employees.

“Within the next year, they’ll be hiring over 50 people and their roles will be from internal sales, customer experience, account management and software engineering,” she said. “They will have a significant office presence in Missoula. They’ve already posted several positions on their website and on Linked In, and we’re also working to hook them up with the university and local temp staffing agencies and the job service.”

Salaries will range from $30,000 to $150,000 for non-technical and technical roles. ClassPass expects its Missoula team to grow further in subsequent years.

Get more details on the ClassPass website.

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