Thursday morning, city plows and deicing trucks were seen heading to area bridges in order to help drivers keep from sliding on unexpectedly icy bridge decks.

City Streets Supervisor Brian Hensel explained.

"The air can circulate underneath and they'll get cold, and they can oftentimes freeze up," Hensel said. "Buckhouse Bridge too, way before the streets do, so what we try to do is get the plows out, get some deicer on those bridge decks just in case that happens, and prevent them from getting slick."

Hensel said one of the bridges was already affected by light snow.

"For example, this morning, the new Madison Bridge deck had some snow on it," he said. "There was about a half-inch of snow on the bridge deck, so we deiced that one. The other ones, according to my drivers weren't too bad, so they did not deice them, but we try to stay out there and get ahead of it if we can."

Hensel asked the public to slow down and drive with caution in the early morning hours when the temperatures are near or below freezing.

"I'd like to ask the public to please be careful on those bridges," he said. "We do the best we can and you never know when they can ice up."

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