This Friday (April 14), Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters will release his third solo record, West Coast Town. You can stream all 10 tracks below.

As previously reported, West Coast Town is rooted in the type of country music that came out of Bakersfield, Calif., beginning in the late '50s. Shiflett told Rolling Stone that he doesn't see much difference in the music of his day job and the sounds he's exploring here. "There's always been a connection between punk rock and country music, especially the honky-tonk side of country. I think it all comes down to attitude. You can draw a straight line from Hank Williams to [Social Distortion's] Mike Ness. There's a certain defiant streak and rebelliousness in both genres."

Shiflett came to country later in his life, and was set on his course with the help of a friend. " I knew that I liked what I heard, but I just didn't know who I was hearing or any of the history of it all," he continued. "Luckily, I had a friend who did know and he told me to get a Buck Owens box set, a Merle Haggard box set, and any Wynn Stewart I could find."

But for all the Bakersfield leanings on the record, Shiflett tracked West Coast Town in Nashville's historic RCA Studio A, a building that was saved from demolition thanks in part to an effort led by Ben Folds. Shiflett worked on the album with producer Dave Cobb, known for his work with Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton. “Recording with him and his crew was everything I’d hoped it would be,” Shiflett said of Cobb. “His input on and arrangements of my songs took them into places I wouldn’t have imagined. Plus the speed that he creates at was inspiring.”

Listen to Chris Shiflett's 'West Coast Town'

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