Happy 4th Birthday, Alt listeners! Thank you for making this station happen and for growing it with us, discovering new music with you is an absolute dream.

Our little station, as I lovingly call it as our signal isn't strong, but our playlist is mighty, launched on Groundhog Day on February 2nd of 2017. I spent my first year of sobriety (went to rehab in January of 2016) putting this station together based on your feedback and we played our first Alt 101-5 song at 1015 a.m. (10:15) on 2/2/2017. Our first song was Silversun Pickups' "Panic Switch," some asked why not "Lazy Eye," which also would have been pretty perfect lyrically. However, I love the start of Panic Switch, to me, when you hear that song begin, there's absolutely no doubt that you are listening to an alternative station.

To thank you for your continued support, we'd like to offer up a pair of all day lift tickets to Snowbowl, along with one of our staff hoodies. The yellow Alt logo looks rad on the black pullover, you'll be the envy of the community. Use your Alt 101-5 app to text us the number 4, we'll do a random drawing and announce the winner tomorrow morning. Easy enough.

One of our longtime listeners who has moved out of state but still listens on the app sent over this awesome gift (see above) for our 4th birthday. The photo doesn't do it any justice as there are some great details in the work, but it's a light box of changing colors, with an actual vinyl record made into our logo. It's really nice, came with a remote and everything, thanks to Chris for the incredible birthday gift!

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