Whenever I think of jazz music, my mind instinctively goes back to the scene in La La Land where Ryan Gosling passionately defends jazz to Emma Stone. "It's very, very exciting!"

If you are the Ryan Gosling of your particular friend group (probably not in looks, let's be real), then you may want to check this event out.

Jazzoula 2022 is Celebrating 20 Years of Jazz in the Missoula Community

Over 20 jazz combos, big bands, vocalists, multi-instrumentalists, and more will be featured at the Zootown Arts Community Center for a series of jazz shows over the course of four days, April 28th through May 1st.

If you're gonna get into jazz, seeing it live is definitely the way to go - and this event seems primed for seasoned jazz fans and first-timers alike to experience it.

Tickers are $18 General Admission and can be found for all the dates right here.

On a side note, did you know that Jeff Goldblum has released a couple of jazz albums? And did you know that they're actually really good?

I'm mostly bringing that up because I just listened to the albums for the first time last week and they're fresh in my head. But I definitely recommend them!

Think you'll be heading out to Jazzoula 2022? Are there any local bands you hope to see make an appearance? For a lineup of everyone involved so far and for any other information, you can check out their Facebook event page.

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